MongoFE, the simple front-end tool for MongoDB.

Tired of entering the same command over and over just to launch the MongoDB server?

Important: This has been tested only with the Community Edition of MongoDB, and as this is only a front-end tool you will need to download and install the MongoDB Community Edition Server first.

Check https://www.mongodb.com/download-center for more details.

MongoDB is a registered trademark of MongoDB, Inc.
The author is in no way related to MongoDB, Inc. This tool is just a front-end helper utility.


Run and monitor your MongoDB server instances easily.

Just look at this set of features:

Run your server easily

Choose the executable and data paths within a graphic environment, no more directory guessing on the command-line.

Automatically start/stop the server instance when launching or closing MongoFE.

Isn't it useful?

Monitor your running instance

MongoFE keeps track of all the server output so you can always check its status.

Got an error? Just scroll up and check the log, it's as easy as it gets!

Get it now

MongoFE is and will always be free software.

It's so simple that it would have no sense charging for it.

Just click the button below to get the zipped executable.

Download now

MongoFE 1.0 for Windows 7/8/10
It's a ZIP file, just extract the executable and run
You may need to install the .NET framework 4.5

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