Dim your extra monitors to avoid distractions

If you work with multiple monitors sometimes you'll want to focus on the primary one.

And hey, that's just what Dimmy does.


Just run Dimmy and it will do the rest.

It'll be always available in your system tray.

Double-click to quickly change the settings or right-click to open the menu.

Dimmy will wait until your screens are idle and then the automatic dimming feature kicks in.

Toggle automatic dimming with a single click.

Sometimes you'll want to have all your glorious screens active.

When the automatic dimming feature is enabled you'll see a happy yellow sun.

Click on the sun icon.

And the automatic dimming feature is disabled. Easy peasy.

And customize it to fit your needs.

Change the overlay opacity, dimming time and other settings easily!

You can adjust the overlay opacity.

The time after which your screens will get dimmed.

Or dimming the active monitor / start with Windows.

Get it now

Dimmy is and will always be free software.

It's so simple that it would have no sense charging for it.

Just click the button below to get the zipped executable.

Download now

Dimmy 1.3 for Windows 7/8/10
It's a ZIP file, just extract the executable and run
You may need to install the .NET framework 4.5

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